Bosch IP Cameras

Bosch offers an IP camera for any and every need of the consumer. High performance and great value are two of the many reasons that set Bosch IP cameras above the rest.

Bosch provides four different styles of IP network cameras. Each style has many options to choose from, so the consumer will have the perfect camera for the application needed.

NWC-0455, NWC-0495, NWC-0700
First type of IP camera offered is a fixed camera. These cameras support analog and Ethernet connections. There are five different styles of fixed cameras. The first is a general purpose camera which provides Bosch’s high quality performance indoors and outdoors. A day/night camera with WDR (wide dynamic range), IR night vision camera, and an extreme condition camera are three other fixed styles Bosch offers. Last in the lineup of fixed cameras are the Megapixel IP cameras. These are offered in color, day/night, IR night vision and all offers up to 3.1 megapixel resolution.

NWD-0455, NWD-4095
The second style is a fixed minidome camera. Both cameras are housed in a high-impact vandal resistant enclosure. A high resolution color camera with ability to see in low light settings and a day/night camera with WDR are in this group.

100 Series
Fixed dome cameras are the third type of IP camera from Bosch. This line of cameras provides high performance with WDR and also day/night capability. With interchangeable modules, the functionality of the cameras can be updated. An available 2.7-13.5mm or 5-50mm lenses and 540 TV lines of resolution, these cameras will provide an extremely clear image.

200 Series, 300 Series, 500i Series
Last in this impressive lineup are the PTZ cameras.

High powered 12x, 18x, 26x and 36x optical zoom is available. These systems have fully interchangeable cameras, CPU’s and housings which make them extremely versatile. With intelligent motion tracking and high speed pan, tilt and zoom, these cameras can see virtually everywhere.