Luxsure Black 3 in1 Mobile Phone Camera Lens Kit Fish Eye Lens + 2 in1 Macro Lens& Super Wide Angle Lens with Black Universal Phone Clip

  • This lens kit is made of high quality optical lenses lenses, after twenty times polished, highly detailed and has a very significant effect of optical lenses with three films (with the glasses we wear the same blue film green film), in order to prevent deformation affect the optical photographic effects, it is particularly used of high quality Aluminum and plastic material to do frames
  • Wide angle and macro lenses is a 2 in 1 set: These two small lenses are screwed together for easy storage. To use the wide angle, simply attach both lenses to the case provided. To use the macro lens, simply unscrew the wide angle lens
  • As smartphones come with powerful photography basic functions, coupled with this fisheye lens , wide angle lens and macro lens is a collection of three, 3 pcs lens 3 different functions, to make your mobile phone or IPAD instantly turned into a charming ultra-portable camera
  • The phone lens kit with a universal clip to fix the lens, which is applied for any mobile phone, Apple iphone series, Samsung K series, HTC, Millet, Meizu, iPad, Tablet PC. etc
  • Come with a velvet bag to keep the lens safe and cleaning, easy to carry


Fisheye:Use fisheye images will appear in four vignetting,180-degree viewing experience expressive fisheye shot is worthy of recognition, in a very clear picture fisheye distortion in the head is a must features, but it’s done very well and it is to force a lot of rendering large scenes necessary

Wide-angle lens (0.65 times): Use a wide-angle shots, four corners without blur phenomenon, no vignetting than 0.67X wide angle, wider angle, higher resolution, better transmittance expand horizons presented twice, full big street shooting scene will Preparation tool

Macro lens: Macro lens is a special macro photography lens is used primarily for capturing very fine objects, such as flowers and insects, use a macro lens shooting distance is approximately 3-5cm, 10 times magnification showing, super close-ups necessary

Description: 1.Includes microfiber carrying case and lens caps, easy to use 2. Portable and detachable, you can take photo with your devices at any time

3. Wide lens is connected with Macro Lens, unscrew it then could be used

Basic Parameters: Model: 3in1 Fish Eye + Wide Angle Micro Lens Camera Lenses Clip Size: 6.65 x 1.9cm (LxW) Fish eye Lens Diameter: 2.5cm Micro Lens Diameter: 2cm

Compatible with iPhone / iPad / Samsung / HTC / iPad /Tablet PC/ Laptops and Most smartphones

Note:Wide Angle Lens and Macro Lens are connected together,you can unscrew them into seperate part

Package Content: 1 x Clip 2 x Lens Cover 1 x Macro Lens 1 x Fish Eye Lens 1 x Wide Angle Lens 1 x Microfiber Bag

List Price: $ 9.97

Price: $ 9.97