Popular Photography

Popular Photography magazine has covered the world of photography since 1937 with cutting edge information on cameras, film, digital technology, and techniques. It has remained current and fresh throughout its publication history. Packed with product reviews and fascinating how-to articles using the latest technology, Popular Photography is a magazine no aspiring photographer should be without.

These days, it’s hard to choose the right photography products. Technology in the field is advancing quickly, and every year more megapixels are added to the top-line cameras, while new papers and inks create an ever-expanding list of printing options. Popular Photography magazine is known for its excellent reviews and comparisons of different cameras and accessories. Lenses, tripods, and printers are covered at length and in detail, helping ensure you invest your money in the equipment that you need. Photography-related news is also covered, from ethical problems surrounding subjects to inventions and developments just over the horizon.

Photography is more than just equipment; it’s also an art form. Popular Photography magazine helps you develop your creative skills, as well. Techniques used by the pros are covered in detail, with gorgeous photos used as examples. Space photography, low-light photography, and time-lapse photography are covered frequently, among many other special photographic issues. Even graphics programs are covered at length, with how-to articles detailing methods for cleaning up old photographs, removing elements, and enhancing pictures.

Whether you love taking pictures or you have a serious photographer in your life, Popular Photography magazine is a great investment. Your pictures are a window to your most precious memories. This publication helps you make the most of them.

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