Sony Professional DSR-PD170 3 CCD MiniDV Camcorder with 12x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Powered by NP-F570 InfoLithium rechargeable battery pack
  • Records to MiniDV tape stock
  • 16:9 widescreen recording
  • 3 CCD video camera
  • 12x optical zoom lens

The new DSR-PD170 DVCAM compact camcorder provides high quality acquisition in the DVCAM component digital format, as well as in DV, allowing up to 40 minutes recording on one tape Mini DVCAM tape, or 60 minutes on the same tape in the DV mode. This compact camcorder features three Advanced HAD 1/3 inch CCDs that allow two scanning modes: 480 progressive (for still) and interlaced (for video). These Advanced HAD¿ CCDs also provide high quality acquisition with increased resolution and sensitivity at reduced noise and vertical smear. The new enhancements to the CCDs have enabled the minimum illumination to be improved to an incredible 1 lux. The DSR-PD170 also features a built-in slot for MemoryStick. Up to 988 JPEG pictures can be stored on one 64 MB MemoryStick. In addition, the stored images can be mixed or keyed to the live image allowing logo insertion and/or mix effects. The built-in high MTF quality 12X electronic zoom lens features Auto focus and SuperSteadyShot¿ with manual Zoom, Focus and Iris control capability. Other enhancements from the DSR-PD150 include a larger high-resolution B&W viewfinder and a newly developed color swing out Hybrid LCD with greater brightness to increase monitoring capability in bright light conditions. The DSR-PD170 now has a larger handle with start/stop functions as well as zoom control on the handle for easy access and enhanced shooting capabilitiesThe DSR-PD170 is a high quality video camera well suited to a broad range of applications — from event videography to training videos to filmmaking. It’s small size and long battery life make it ideal for use in the field, and its broad array of manual override features make it a very adaptable camera for all sorts of shooting environments.

Two XLR audio inputs allow you to connect pro mics or external audio.

3CCD camera system
Originally, camcorders used one CCD–the imaging device that turns light into electronic information–and let the image processing unit decider the color information from the data. Like today’s broadcast video cameras, however, the DSR-PD170 uses a prism to divide incoming light into three beams and uses specially tuned 1/3-inch CCDs to create red, blue, and green composite images, which are assembled into a final image. The result is a more film-like vibrancy and more accurate color representation. Advanced HAD technology reduces fixed pattern noise and the vertical smear sometimes associated with CCD images.

The DSR-PD170 records two channels of PCM digital sound with the 48 kHz/16-bit or 32 kHz/12-bit mode. It features a ECM-NV1 electret condenser microphone, as well as two XLR audio input connectors for use with professional-grade microphones or external audio sources.

A zoom lever and a rec start/stop button are built into the handle.

12x optical zoom lens
The DSR-PD170 is equipped with a 12x zoom lens. Zoom comes in handy when you can’t get close enough to your subject for proper framing, such as a sporting event or nature photography. The camera also has digital zoom feature selectable for 24x or 48x. Users should note, however, that digital zoom comes at the expense of picture quality, since it is achieved by discarding part of the information from the frame.

In order to facilitate zoom control and recording operation during low-angle shooting, an additional zoom lever and a rec start/stop button have been added to the carrying handle. Furthermore, the supplied wireless Remote Commander unit can be used for external control.

To protect your investment, the DSR-PD170 comes with a lens hood with a built-in lens cap, which will keep your glass from getting dirty or scratched. The hood can be opened or closed by using a lever on the side of the hood, so it will never get lost. Also, it comes with a wide conversion lens, which is ideal for shooting indoors or in small spaces.

The kit includes a wide
converter lens and hood.

Optical Super SteadyShot system
Sony’s optical Super SteadyShot System helps remove the slight hand jitter and vibration that is often the bane of video production. Sensors inside the camera detect horizontal and vertical movements and the camera can counteract those movements by adjusting the lens mechanism on the fly. This is superior to digital anti-shake systems that counteract image shake by trimming off edges of the frame.

Large precision black & white viewfinder and LCD monitor
View your subject through the built-in viewfinder, the swing-out LCD display, or both. The camera features a 0.44-inch type black & white LCD viewfinder and a 2.5-inch color LCD monitor. You’ll save battery time by using just one, but you may want to use one for adjusting focus and the other for monitoring audio levels.

Index marking and title function
When using a Cassette Memory-equipped DVCAM/DV tape, an index can be marked while recording with the DSR-PD170 or recording from an external video source, which makes for quick access later on. Also, you can store titles in the cassette memory for overlay during playback.

More DSR-PD170 features

·16:9 Widescreen Acquisition mode — Captures video at true widescreen aspect ratio without letterboxing   ·Digital pictures — save still images to Memory Stick media and combine with video images through the Media Mix function
·Low Light Shooting — record in just 11x minimum illumination   ·Large-sized Handle — enhanced design for a better grip
·Date Stamping — Superimpose the date onto an image   ·AV to DV Out — convert analog input signals to DV signals
·Selectable DVCAM/DV recording — record and playback in native DVCAM or in DV SP mode   ·Custom presets — choose common color level, sharpness, white balance shift, and agc limit
·Digital effects — still, flash motion, luminance key, trail, and old movie   ·Guide frame — provides vertical and horizontal subject lines
·Time Code Preset — fill in any timecode starting value   ·Fader — black fade, monotone fade, overlap, wipe and dot
·Zebra — displays a striped pattern in the LCD monitor and viewfinder across highlight areas, helping manual exposure settings   ·Manual Functions — zoom, focus, iris , shutter speed, gain, AE shift, white balance, ND filters (1/4 and 1/32), spotlight button, backlight button

What’s in the box
DSR-PD170 camera, AC-L15 AC adaptor, ECM-NV1 electret condenser microphone, NP-F570 InfoLithium rechargeable battery pack, VCL-HG0758 wide conversion lens, LSF-S58 lens hood for wide conversion lens and hood cap, lens hood with built-in lens cap, RMT-811 Remote Commander and two R6 batteries, carrying belt, i.LINK cable strap, and stereo AV cable.

List Price: $ 1,250.00

Price: $ 1,250.00